Villa Chloe

Upon entering the villa, you will walk through the large garden area, large green grassed areas which are shaded by a number of tropical trees. The generous pool is the main feature, and there is a good deck for guests to relax. Fish ponds are found around the main house, and the villa can open to make sure that the outdoors and indoors becomes one seamless living area. The kitchen is adequate for cooking and the dining area can double to be the main chill out area. The TV room is conveniently located in this area, ensuring that you the area is perfect for entertaining.

Upstairs the largely appointed bedroom is found, with an ensuite, naturally lit to ensure a great feel. The room has a nice bathroom as well.

The master bedroom overlooks the pool and gives easy access to the main house. So it can be a bit more private whilst still maintaining a togetherness with the rest of the house.